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  /  Meditation

Meditation has a direct relation with improving attention and concentration span. Students who meditate regularly pay better attention in class and can hold on to their concentration longer.

Stress and anxiety have a dimming effect on intelligence. Their absence brings out a student’s true potential. With meditation, students automatically starting showing an overall improvement in performance on every count.

A calmer mind is also creative. This helps in building critical thinking and problem-solving skills where students find their way out a difficult situation without much hassle. They also become rational, curious and innovative in nature.

Meditation also helps in forming positive personal habits. Unhealthy eating is a desire of a stressed mind. So is the addiction to video games, sweetened drinks, and other abusive materials. With meditation, all these can be effectively kept at bay.

Lastly, meditation also aids in motor development. By becoming aware of the senses of the whole body, children’s physiology develops better closely complemented by physical activity. Meditation can be imagined as testing the wires regularly that connect the mind to the body.