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From Secretary’s Desk

  /  From Secretary’s Desk

Dr. Jayesh S. Katkar


ZES, Pune & ZIS Sangli

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

– Henry B. Adams

ZES aims at offering top-notch education under its canopy. For over two decades, ZES has been offering a progressive form of education to students throughout the country. As an Educational establishment, ZES has successfully transformed its students into aspiring professionals. Through an array of institutes that have a well-qualified teaching force, an excellent infrastructure, collaborations and a curriculum in sync with the current situations, Zeal leaves no stone unturned to hone the professional and academic skills of the students.

The ZIS has an incredible teaching squad which forms the backbone of the system. The ZIS has a team of well-qualified and knowledgeable faculty members who strive hard for providing comprehensive education to students and try to imbibe the latest knowledge to enhance the experience of education. This ensures that every student in their classroom marches out with confidence and enthusiasm to achieve their academic goals and a great career ahead.

Education is not a teaching process, it is a learning process.

Zeal aims at offering education as a service to the nation through a phenomenal blend of traditional and modern teaching techniques i.e. using advanced technological tools as well as higher quality education to every student who has the desire to win