At Zeal International School

At Zeal School

Zeal International has top class facilities which a school require for the overall development of a student. The students of our school are in an age-group that we consider as highly sensitive and impressionable. It is the age where the roots are being formed and the most appropriate time to sow the seeds of confidence and good character.


Our Curriculum

Zeal International School truly acknowledge the fact that each child is a unique individual and must be nurtured and encouraged to develop and reach his/her full potential.Parents are more satisfied with the academic program and assessment reports that provide self-diagnosis and their child’s personal plan of development.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activities offer children an opportunity to nurture talent, develop new skills, discover new interests and create great memories and build lasting friendships. We don’t believe in offering education by confining children to classroom. We encourage all children to expand their minds, skills and talents and become all-rounders.


Our Facilities

Zeal International offers well-lit, airy, spacious classrooms with age appropriate child friendly furniture. The class décor and the acoustics makes learning enjoyable and comfortable.also the getting your child to and from school safety is our number one priority.

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