Experimentation Nurtures Creativity

Building Confidence

The foundation of all great success and achievement is self-confidence. It is the key to success.

Creativity for Excellence

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Sports Builds Up Intelligence

Various sports and yoga activities are conducted to develop the child physically and mentally.

Interaction Based Methods

Interactions of students are made on different issues and important topics to connect with competitive world.

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The Zeal International School curriculum stretches far beyond the academics and is specially designed to develop the whole person – a person that spends his life competing with his/her own former self. We truly acknowledge the fact that each child is a unique individual and must be nurtured and encouraged to develop and reach his/her full potential.

We don’t believe in offering education by confining children to classroom. We encourage all children to expand their minds, skills and talents and become all-rounders.At Zeal International school Parents are more satisfied with the academic program and assessment reports that provide self-diagnosis and their child’s personal plan of development.

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ZEAL INTERNATIONAL School has one of the Best in class facilities in the country to nurture the aspirations of young children.



Zeal International School has top class facilities which a school require for the overall development of a student. The students of our school are in an age-group that we consider as highly sensitive and impressionable. It is the age where the roots are being formed and the most appropriate time to sow the seeds of confidence and good character. It is a place where child learns without fear and molded into a good citizen.

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Why Zeal International

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Self Reliant Individuals

At Zeal International School we Creating a self-Reliance schooling Curriculum. Everyone having confidence in and exercising own powers.

Talent Search Methods

Various co-curricular activities are taken in order to boost the talent of the child and Students become independent and confident.

Value Based Education

Values-based Education is an approach to teaching that works with values and that type of education at Zeal International.

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Parents are our partners in
the growth of the student at

Parents are encouraged to lead the journey of students along with us to extract the best within the student. As one of the leading schools in India, we run various Campaigns, Workshops, Seminars, Programmes, Meetings and lot more. Parent-student bonding seminars, Workshops involving family, Coffee meets etc.
Information is given to the parents time to time to let them know about the students’ progress. Two way interaction is there to understand the expectations of the parents.

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